Jimi Hendrix playing guitar at home

1. Any instrument will do (you could even make your own)

Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to pick up that guitar that hasn’t been touched for years. Or whatever musical instrument you happen to have lying around! As Hendrix himself said, he would play anything he could get his hands on before he finally settled on the guitar.

“My first instrument was a harmonica, which I got when I was about four, I suppose. Next it was a violin. I always dug string instruments and pianos, but I wanted something I could take home or anywhere, and I couldn’t take home a piano. Then I started digging guitars.”

If you don’t own any instruments, just use what you have. Before he was given his first guitar, Hendrix would just strum a broom as if it was a guitar. Then he moved on to an old one-string ukulele that his Dad found.