Jimi Hendrix having breakfast

5. Bring the restaurant to you

Britain in the 1960s wasn’t likely to be on many food lovers’ bucket lists. In contrast with America, our capital’s food scene left a lot to be desired, and Jimi Hendrix desired it most of all. The food quality, or lack thereof, was his biggest gripe about the country he now called home. His lack of cooking skills meant that he was often reliant on his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham, someone equally inexperienced in the kitchen. Despite her best efforts, Jimi did not take to her home cooking, which Kathy had little interest or inclination to improve, and it led to many of their most deafening “disagreements”.

Perhaps we should all follow Kathy’s advice to Jimi which was simply “Why don’t you cook it yourself?” (or words to that effect). It was not all bad though – following a row about food, Kathy stormed out, and upon her return was handed “a piece of paper with ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ written on it” (Mary being Kathy’s middle name, one Jimi used to irritate her). The creative benefits of staying indoors are plain to see once again.

When indoors, they were usually reliant on restaurant food, particularly from Mr. Love’s Café downstairs, but in this time of social distancing such luxuries should remain as such. Perhaps we should do what Jimi did not, and learn to bring the restaurant to ourselves – and thank our lucky stars we have access to such a plentiful variety of foodstuffs, and do not have to make do with the food Jimi was served up in 60s Britain, food so lacking in taste that it “blew his mind”; no mean feat.