Jimi Hendrix at 23 Brook Street London in 1969

4. Clear room, clear mind

Military precision is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the lifestyle of your average 60s musician. It was, however, something that came naturally to Private James Marshall Hendrix of the 101st Airborne. Jimi’s stint in the military is well documented, but a little-known knock-on effect was the domestic habits it instilled.

Despite his nocturnal lifestyle and leisurely afternoon awakenings, Hendrix could never be accused of being messy. Going against the stereotype of the rock star’s abode, Jimi’s bedroom at 23 Brook Street was kept remarkably clean and tidy, with a photographer from the time, Barrie Wentzell, confirming the surprising abnormality of its appearance: “it was very tidy, very homely, not a mess at all – unlike my place.”

While we cannot say whether tidiness helped with creativity, we can say that Jimi thought himself at his most creative when sat in his room “just laying around daydreaming or something”- so it can’t have hindered it. Perhaps we should follow in Jimi’s footsteps and use this time productively to make sure our own rooms would pass an inspection by the man himself – or maybe laying around in bed daydreaming, conjuring up a new musical masterpiece sounds more appealing? We’ll let you be the judge of that.