Taken from our visitors book:

Online reviews:

“Well worth the visit. It was like stepping back in time.” Mike, September 2019


“What a wonderful and inspiring place of relics to be able to visit. It’s awe-inspiring to see such a place so close. The volunteer staff in both Handel and Hendrix’s respective sections were both friendly and knowledgeable and made for an unforgettable trip. Would highly recommend to casual music fans and fanatics alike.” Brendan, July 2019


“The staff at Handel and Hendrix in London were supremely impressive. They had great insight, a clear passion and love of either Jimi or George! There is nowhere like this anywhere else in the world.” Anthony, August 2019


“Amazing place. Very relaxing and wonderful to read and learn more about these two extraordinary talents who lived at the same place but two centuries apart.” Annisa, June 2018


“See it, even if you’re not a fan.” Phoenix, June 2018


“Really fun and unique museum. Definitely go here if you are a history buff or music lover.” Jared, March 2018


“If I could award more than 5 stars I would. A unique hidden gem in London.” Mark, February 2018


“What an overwhelming experience to have visited this house, steeped in musical history.” Pamela, September 2017


“So interesting to see how these two very different musical geniuses lived! It is a really unique and informative experience. I would love to do it again and would recommend it in a heartbeat.” George, June 2017


“One of my favourite hidden gems in Central London.” Lorraine, January 2017