More handwritten notes written in our visitor book

Visitor feedback and reviews from Handel & Hendrix in London.
“Lovely atmospher! I can feel the spirit of Handel and his friends here!” ” A wonderful juxtaposition! Beautifully pesented. Thank you” “really enjoyed the mix of history of different ages. Loved the fat! Groovy.” “Well worth the flight over” “fascinating” “a wonderful idea to combine these two homes. Bravo to the founders of this exhibit” “this exhibition is awesome, the recreation of the rooms are totally lovely. Thanks a lot” ” This was definitely the highlight of my trip to London” “The best attraction for music fans. Thanks!” “A fascinating musical oasis in the heart of bustling Mayfair” ” I love them both” ” I liked the stairs “It took me nearly 40 years but I got here. Now excuse me while I kiss the sky!”