The first guitar Jimi Hendrix played on British soil

“People had never seen anything like it. It was haunting how good he was. You just stopped and watched.” Eric Burdon of The Animals

Then, still only a few days after he had arrived, Hendrix performed again at the Scotch, and among the audience were The Who’s managers, who quickly realised how good Jimi was. They were so impressed that apparently they agreed with Chas Chandler there and then to put Jimi out on their record label. Great news for the rock star as it also permitted him to extend his visa (initially only set to last 7 days).  That night, still at the Scotch of St James, the contract was written up on the back of a napkin and the rest, as they say, is history.

“You never told me he was that good.” Eric Clapton to Chas Chandler