A Hard Rock Hendrix Experience

Portrait of Jimi Hendrix at 23 Brook Street by photographer Barrie Wentzell.

©Barrie Wentzell

Visit the first place the legend truly called home at 23 Brook Street, and lose yourself in all the fascinating little details of how Hendrix lived in 60s London.  Once you’ve rifled through his record collection and examined his pedals to your hearts’ content, meander through the rock-riddled streets of Mayfair down to the Hard Rock Cafe on Old Park Lane where, if you’ve pre-booked your table, you can walk right in past the queues on the street like the man himself and settle down to his favourite meal: a trusty hamburger.

Enjoy two courses and a drink as part of our sensational £27.50 Hendrix meal deal, plus a private tour around the Hard Rock vaults, packed to the ceiling with rock memorabilia including Jimi’s famous Flying V guitar.

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  • The Vault at the Hard Rock Cafe London.
  • The Vault at the Hard Rock Cafe London, including Jimi Hendrix's Flying V guitar
  • The Vault at the Hard Rock Cafe London

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