Here are a couple of off-the-cuff recordings from recent workshops:

1) I had a jiggly bunch of 25 Year 3s from a French school; after their tour of Handel House with Claire they bounded into my room (well, Handel‘s room, but one day it will be mine…) to create some ‘water music’ in about 30 minutes. We started off by brainstorming types of water, then thinking of imaginative ways to describe them. In groups, the kids used first their voices to create a musical motif around their pair of words, then expanded that into simple percussion. Here’s the result! Handel House workshop March 2011 Yr 3 Water Music by Kerry Andrew Composer

2) I had the first words-and-music-based session with the choral scholars at Marylebone C of E School, following their amazing work with the poet Evlynn Sharp. I had a strangely small number this week but they were excellent, coming up with three ‘Love is like’ sketches based on a couple of lines of their writing, which after about 40 minutes of group composition sounded like this: Opera Project 2011 Marylebone Love is Like… by Kerry Andrew Composer