Hendrix Back at The Scotch
23-26 September 2016

On September 24th 1966 Jimi Hendrix arrived in London for the first time. Only a matter of hours later he had borrowed a guitar and was playing his first impromptu gig at The Scotch of
St James with his manager Chas Chandler, future girlfriend Kathy Etchingham and The Who’s Pete Townshend among those in attendance.

After opening the Hendrix Flat in Brook Street that Jimi called ‘the first real home of my own’, we are now bringing Hendrix back to the Scotch as part of a whole weekend of celebrations to mark this iconic moment in London’s musical history.

Very special guest Leon Hendrix, Jimi’s younger brother, will be performing alongside John Campbell, lead guitarist with ‘Are You Experienced’, to bring the Hendrix sound back to the same venue Jimi played on his first night in London.

As many have already attested ‘Are You Experienced’ come the closest to any band out there to the Hendrix sound. Guitarist Magazine admitted their “Unnerving accuracy!” and it is this accuracy to which we hope the night will be as faithfully recreated as his flat at 23 Brook Street has been.

DJs will be spinning vinyl from the era while Leon Hendrix, as well as other famous faces from the London music scene of the late 60s will be there giving their personal stories of Jimi. Tickets are £10 and available now.

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