Sketch of 23 & 25 Brook Street exterior

Handel House at 25 Brook Street, Mayfair, is a very special place
It is where the great composer, Handel, lived for 36 years – from 1723 to 1759 – and where he wrote many of his most famous masterpieces, including Messiah. But at the moment only half the house is open to the public. The Hallelujah Project will complete this important little jewel of our musical heritage – so that future generations will be able to enjoy it in perpetuity.

Handel was the first occupant of 25 Brook Street. He moved in in 1723, when it was newly built. The Hallelujah Project will put back his home as closely as possible to exactly how it would have been when the great man himself lived here.

When the house is completed:

the façade will be returned to their original state
Handel’s two ground floor parlours (where he received visitors and sometimes sold his musical scores) will be restored as they would have been when he lived here
the Georgian kitchen in the basement will be fully re-created, with the help of a detailed inventory of its contents that was taken when Handel died
the front door and original staircase at 25 Brook Street will once more become the main entrance for all visitors, as they were for Handel himself
The rooms throughout will be dressed accurately with Georgian contents
Top-quality Georgian-style lighting will be installed throughout the historic rooms to re-create the impression of 18th-century candlelight
A specially commissioned replica of Handel’s chamber organ (currently housed at St George’s church) will be brought back to the house where it belongs
Meticulous standards of historical accuracy will be applied to the project, based on records and inventories from the time. The Georgian Group will be closely involved throughout the planning and delivery of the project. And experts on all aspects of 18th-century life and music will be consulted from start to finish.