Kathy Etchingham and Jimi Hendrix

Jimi and Kathy pose during a Melody Maker session on 25 February, 1969. © Mirrorpix

The recreation of Jimi Hendrix’s flat at 23 Brook Street, London was done using evidence from the photo shoots and films captured here, but also through invaluable discussion with Kathy Etchingham. Her recollections of the time she spent living under the same roof as Jimi Hendrix informed much of what is seen on display today.

Hendrix met Kathy Etchingham on his first day in London in September 1966, and they embarked on what was to be a two and half year relationship. Kathy was the inspiration behind Hendrix’s classic songs ‘Gypsy Eyes’, ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ & perhaps even ‘Foxy Lady.

Much of the information below is taken from Kathy Etchingham’s autobiography Through Gypsy Eyes: My Life, The Sixties and Jimi Hendrix, which is available exclusively from our online shop.