Hendrix at Home: A Bluesman in Mayfair page

The Hendrix Flat Companion Guide by Christian Lloyd

Jimi Hendrix called the flat at 23 Brook Street, in London’s Mayfair, ‘my first real home of my own’. He arrived there when his fame as the greatest rock guitarist of his era was at its height. But the period also marked a time of re-assessment for him, as he searched for new directions in which to take his life and his music. By focusing on this key moment in Hendrix’s extraordinary story, using extensive original research, Christian Lloyd’s book brings a fresh perspective on our understanding of Jimi Hendrix, both as a man and as a musician.

Press coverage for Hendrix at Home:

“A fascinating new twist on the guitarist’s short, nomadic life.”
Shindig! Magazine

“In February 2016, Jimi Hendrix’s former home at 23 Brook Street in Mayfair was opened to the public with its rooms meticulously restored to appear as they were when the guitarist lived there in 1968 and 1969. Visitors to the address can now read a 98-page book that delves deeper into his time at the flat than ever before.”
Mojo Magazine

“Lloyd focuses on Hendrix’s nine months as a London resident; a lesser-covered period in his life when he was the nearest he ever got to being settled down. We hear about Jimi choosing curtains, going shopping, building his record collection, going clubbing, giving interviews and hosting parties, along with appearing on Lulu’s TV show and at the Royal Albert Hall in February 1969; his last indoor gig in the UK.”
Record Collector Magazine

“The book explores the innovative guitarist’s life in the district: a personally and musically significant time for the adopted Londoner, who was then at the height of his fame.”
Mayfair Times

This book is published by Handel & Hendrix in London and can only be bought online from our Etsy page or from the gift shop inside the museum.