Make Your Own Instrument!

Can you make a new instrument to feature in Handel’s orchestra? Orchestras are made up of instruments from four families: Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion. Strings are plucked or bowed instruments, like the violin or the harpsichord; Woodwind are instruments that are blown into and have lots of keys and holes to change notes (traditionally they were made of wood!); Brass instruments are played by blowing through a mouthpiece with vibrating lips to change pitch (they are made from large tubes compressed into fixed shapes with a bell shape at the end to amplify the sound); percussion instruments are instruments that are hit or struck by human hands or beaters (pianos are often thought of as percussion instruments because the keys prompt a beater to strike a string to create sound). Can you create a brand new instrument to be played? It can use strings or keys; it can be played by hitting the keys, using a bow, or blowing into it. Use the table below for inspiration. Be as creative as you can!

Instrument Violin Guitar Drums Tuba
How it is played With a bow With a pick With sticks Blowing into it

Hand drawn instruments