AQA GCSE: Water Music Worksheet

Answer the following questions by using the factsheet provided and looking around the museum:

In the London Room (Handel’s dressing room)

1) What year was Handel Born?


2) Where was Handel Born?


3) How many countries did Handel live in before he moved to London?


4) In what year did Handel write Water Music?


5) Which King asked Handel to write Water Music?


6) Where in Handel House can you see a picture of this King?


7) Is Water Music about water as a theme or was it written to be played on water?


8) What event was Water Music written for?


9) Handel moved here to Brook Street in 1723, was Water Music written here?


In the Bedroom

10) How many portraits of Handel can you count in the Bedroom at Handel House?

11) Which other King can you find a picture of in Handel’s Bedroom?

12) Can you name another piece of big event music that Handel wrote for this King?

13) How many suites is Water Music made up of?
13a) How many movements does this make?
14) What instruments is Water Music written for?
15) How many people played in the orchestra of the original performance?

In the Composition Room

16) Handel wrote all of his music in this room between 1723 and 1759. Can you name a famous oratorio that was written here?

16a) How long did this Oratorio take Handel to write?
17) What floor is this on and can you list 3 things in the room?


18) Who are the men pictured in the portraits in this room?


Here are the first 7 bars from Alla Hornpipe, a movement from the Suite in D major from Water Music.

water music


19) To the left of the instrument names, write their English translations (e.g. Violin I = Violino I)


20) What key signature is the Alla Hornpipe in?


21) What is the time signature and what does this mean? (e.g. 4/4 = 4 crotchets per bar)


22) What texture is this section of music?


23) Circle the areas where there is a crescendo, followed by a diminuendo.


24) What cadence has Handel used at the beginning of bar 5?


25) What does ‘dolce’ mean?


26) In 1754 what permanent disability did Handel suffer?


27) what instruments can be used to create a ‘Basso continuo’?


28) Is there a harpsichord in Water Music?


28) How many harpsichords can you find in Handel House?


29) What is the difference between a harpsichord and a piano? Hint: You may learn about this in your composition workshop.