Make yourself a crown

Make yourself a Crown!

Crown cutoutCutting this template here you can make your own crown to re-enact a coronation ceremony. Colour it in and add some cotton wool balls on the bottom line and glitter or tin foil to make different patterns and details! You can be as creative as you want!


Step 1

Print page 1 and print page 2

Step 3

Cut around the outline don’t forget to remove the shaded out sections in between the shapes

Step 4

Now would be a good time to colour in or decorate your crown; you can stick sequins on, foil or glitter to fill the crown with jewels or you could colour it in with all your favourite colours

Step 5

The British crown has a layer of fur around the bottom. If you stick cotton wool to the base of the crown, your crown will look furry too (make sure that you don’t stick anything to TAB 1 or TAB 3)

Step 6
Stick TAB 1 to SIDE A and TAB 2 to SIDE B. This will attach the two sides of the crown together

Step 7
Stick TAB 3 to SIDE C and TAB 4 to SIDE D. This will make the paper curve around to make the circular base

Step 8
Now you will have 3 strips left pointing upwards; glue these together at the top to create a sort of ‘roof’ to the crown. If you would like, you can attach a small ball of Blutak in the centre of the three strips to create 3 arches that meet in the middle, like on the British crown.

Crown cutout page 1

Crown cutout page 2