Make your own Tricorne Hat

In the first part of the 18th Century the fashionable outfits was finished off with a tricorne hat, which means a three-cornered hat. Why don’t you try and make your own using this simple paper-based method?

hand sketch of people wearing tricorne hats

You will need:

2 pieces of A4 paper
1 pair of scissors (with adult supervision)
1 stapler (with adult supervision)
Colouring tools to decorate
Feathers, glitter, sequins or buttons to stick on as decoration


Fold both pieces of paper as if you are making an A5 booklet
Cut along the fold
You now have 4 rectangles. Cut along the top of the long edge of 3 of the A5 rectangles to create 3 curves
Staple the shorter edges of the three rectangles together with the curved edges pointing upwards to create a triangular outline.
Decorate your hat with anything you fancy!

sketch of tircorne hat sketch of tircorne hat sketch of tircorne hat