Oral history

We are embarking on a 2-stranded oral history project to create an exciting archive:

  1. Mayfair Memories 1960-2000: memories of the area from people who lived and worked here in the stated time period.
  2. Working with Hendrix UK: a set of memories recalled by the people who worked with Hendrix directly or indirectly, went to his concerts or had any interaction with Hendrix whilst he was in the UK.

Working with Eastside Community Heritage, we will run reminiscence sessions and interviewing and recording 10 oral histories for Mayfair Memories. Meanwhile, Eastside Community Heritage will work with two local schools to explore and expand the archive.

In January/February 2016 we will begin Working with Hendrix involving members of the community, such as young offenders, children in care, families in sheltered accommodation and after school history clubs to create a sense of community and to promote a local interest in Hendrix.

If you would like to take part in our Oral Histories project contact us for more detail.

Watch this space for access to our new oral history archive.