The Marshall  DSL5 guitar amp at 23 Brook Street, London

One of the things we’re most proud of in 2016 is our ‘Learn to Play Like Hendrix’ guitar lessons, bringing the Hendrix sound back to 23 Brook Street and teaching kids and adults alike how Hendrix made the electric guitar sound so unbelievable.

Here’s a message from guitar teacher, and all-round Hendrix addict, Nigel Jones:

“A massive thank you to everybody that attended lessons at Brook Street in 2016. It has been truly amazing to meet and teach so many new people. It’s overwhelming how fast the lessons sell out and a true honour to fill Jimi’s home with sound! I could not be more proud or excited to start the 2017 lessons. Oh and we have a great new Marshall Amp to start the year off.”

Long may it continue!