Weekly Spotify Playlists

Soundtrack your day with one of our curated playlists:

Playlist #12: Theatres, Churches, Taverns & Pleasure Gardens: The Places Where Handel Performed His Music

An hour of music to accompany our article giving the history behind some of the spaces where Handel’s music was performed during his lifetime.

Playlist #11: The Connection Between Baroque Music and Medicine

Our next playlist of Handel and his contemporaries has the timely theme of Music & Medicine. Composers have often been associated with their ailments, whether that’s JS Bach’s loss of sight, Beethoven’s deafness or Chopin’s fight against tuberculosis. All are examples of composers who portrayed their health struggles through their music.

The Baroque music on this playlist was inspired by the composers’ various illnesses, medical treatments, and even the anxiety brought on by the thought of surgery without anaesthesia.

Playlist #10: Songs of resistance, revolution and protest from Jimi Hendrix’s record collection

Jimi Hendrix saw music as a means to change the world around him. With this in mind we have delved into his own artistic output and the music that influenced him to illustrate how creating a record can be a powerful form of activism.

Playlist #9: The Soundtrack to one of our Hendrix Flat Friday Lates

We asked DJs Ella Stormark & Alex Aspin, who played an incredible vinyl-only set at our last Friday Late, to put together a couple of hours of 60s and 70s rock & psychedelia for our next playlist.

Playlist #8: A Baroque playlist by our Handel House Talent musicians, past and present

We asked the musicians from our Handel House Talent scheme (past and present) to give us their favourite piece of music from the Baroque era. We can’t wait to be able to host concerts by our fantastic rosta of musicians in Handel House again, but for the time being, enjoy listening to their selections!

Playlist #7: Handel House Followers Choices

A selection of Handel’s music as chosen by followers of Handel & Hendrix in London on April 14, the date of Handel’s death in 1759.

Playlist #6: can you hear the Hendrix samples in these tracks?

We have once again scoured the corners of the internet to bring you a selection of tracks that have sampled, borrowed, or down-right ripped Hendrix off by using a riff, drum beat or chord progression from one of Jimi’s originals.

Playlist #5: Handel & Hendrix Podcasts

We thought we would go down a slightly different route for your Handel & Hendrix-related listening fix this week.
Once again we have scoured the depths of the internet for content about our two musical geniuses. This time we have  picked out a selection of the very best podcasts, mixes & radio shows to help you get through another week at home.

Playlist #4: Handel's Baroque Contemporaries

The next in our series of weekly playlists. This time we’re looking at some of the composers who Handel influenced or was influenced by.

Playlist #3: Covers of Jimi Hendrix songs

Better than the original or blasphemy? Let us know what you think.


Playlist #2: Rare, Lesser-Known Jimi Hendrix Tracks

We’ve dug deep into Hendrix’s back catalogue to bring some of the best (and most unusual) of his rarely played tracks. While we’ll never get tired of the timeless Hendrix classics like Purple Haze, All Along the Watchtower, Little Wing et al there are some absolute gems from the Hendrix archive.


Playlist #1: Handel for Working from Home

Many of us in the UK and around the world – including all the Handel & Hendrix in London team – are now working from home. While this certainly presents some challenges, one of the positives is that you can choose your own soundtrack for the day.

With that in mind, we have put together an hour of music from Handel’s repertoire to help get through your working day.