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Handel House

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Join our experienced guide for an in-depth tour of Handel’s House and discover little known facts about the great musician and his relationship with Georgian London. Touching on Handel’s early life and career, the tour will then focus on his time spent in Brook Street. You will explore our historic rooms and Handel’s connections with royalty, fellow musicians and contemporaries. Guided through his home you’ll get a rare glimpse into Handel’s character and his private life, giving you a unique insight into the man behind the music.

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Hendrix Flat

Beginning behind the scenes at Hendrix’s front door, you will walk in the footsteps of Hendrix, Chas Chandler, Eric Burden, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon and many others as you wind your way up Hendrix’s rickety staircase to his home at the top of 23 Brook Street. This tour will give you an exclusive chance to see Hendrix’s spare room where George Harrison of the Beatles regularly spent his nights when visiting the flat. As well as exploring unseen areas, you’ll spend time in Hendrix’s bedroom where you will delve into his relationship with Kathy Etchingham, contemporary musicians and 60’s London, giving you a chance to truly experience his home.

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Handel & Hendrix

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Explore both of our historic houses with a guided highlights tour of Handel’s House and Hendrix’s Flat. Beginning in 25 Brook Street with Georgian London, you will be led through Handel’s rooms, learning about Handel’s private life, his relationships with fellow musicians and members of the aristocracy and about his place in Georgian society. Moving into 23 Brook Street and 60’s London, the tour will focus on Hendrix’s home life with Kathy Etchingham and his relationship with the 60’s music scene. Spending time with Handel & Hendrix will give you an unique insight into both of these famous musicians as people, not just as performers.

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Tickets for these tours can be booked individually and cost £15 per person.

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Maximum of 20 people on each tour.