Photo of a group of visitors on a guided tour in Handel House, Mayfair

Photo of a group of visitors on a guided tour in Handel House, Mayfair. Step into a world of culture, history and music in Mayfair with a tour of Handel & Hendrix in London. This hidden gem is a celebration of two masters of their art, George Frideric Handel and Jimi Hendrix.

Step back in time in the music rooms where Handel composed, rehearsed and performed along with fellow musical luminaries of the Baroque age. Stand where the great composer wrote Messiah, and see the fabled windows from which he allegedly threatened to throw his sopranos out if they refused to sing his arias. With musicians rehearsing throughout the day, you’ll get a beautiful atmospheric accompaniment as you continue to explore the life and times of this German maestro.

Keep ascending to the third floor where the swinging 60s await you. Become immersed in 23 Brook Street, the flat where Jimi lived, loved and wrote songs at the height of his fame in 1969. Taking special place in the iconic guitarist’s heart, it was here that Jimi called home. All told, Handel & Hendrix in London offers an amazing and eclectic experience you won’t forget.