Open Rehearsal Schedule

Our new Open Rehearsal scheme ensures that even more of Handel's music can be heard at 25 Brook Street.

Photo of a rehearsal on the 18th century harpsichord at Handel House

Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon will now include an Open Rehearsal in Handel’s Music Room featuring a variety of young Baroque performers.

Now the rooms of 25 Brook Street will be filled with music on an even more frequent basis.

If you come to Handel House on the following days from 11.30am-1.30pm you will be guaranteed some live Baroque music:

Wed 25th Apr Rosie Bowker (flute) Sat 28th May Rosie Bowker (flute)
Wed 2nd May Rosie Bowker (flute) and Marta López Fernández (harpsichord) Sat 5th May Aidan Phillips (harpsichord) and Mafalda Ramos (flute)
Wed 9th May Naomi Burrell (violin) Sat 12th May Rosie Bowker (flute)
Wed 16th May Rosie Bowker (flute), Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde (cello), Marta López Fernandez (harpsichord), Richard Robbins (tenor) Sat 19th May Ceruleo (ensemble)
Wed 23rd May Rosie Bowker (flute) and Marta López Fernández (harpsichord) Sat 26th May Satoko Doi-Luck (harpsichord) and Kate Conway (cello)
Wed 30th May Marta López Fernández (harpsichord) Sat 2nd Jun Rosie Bowker (flute)
Wed 6th Jun Ceruleo (ensemble) Sat 9th Jun Aidan Phillips (harpsichord) and Mafalda Ramos (flute)
Wed 13th Jun Ceruleo (ensemble) Sat 16th Jun Rosie Bowker (flute)
Wed 20th Jun Marta López Fernández (harpsichord) Sat 23rd Jun Aidan Phillips (harpsichord)
Wed 27th Jun Rosie Bowker (flute) Sat 30th Jun Joanna Harries (mezzo)
Wed 4th Jul Marta López Fernández (harpsichord) Sat 7th Jul Rosie Bowker (flute)
Wed 11th Jul Ceruleo (ensemble) Sat 14th Jul Flavia Hirte (flute)
Wed 18th Jul Marta López Fernández (harpsichord) Sat 21st Jul Flavia Hirte (flute)
Wed 25th Jul Aidan Phillips (harpsichord) and Mafalda Ramos (flute) Sat 28th Jul Tabea Debus, Olwen Foulkes and Benedict Williams
Wed 1st Aug Katarzyna Kowalik (harpsichord) Sat 4th Aug TBC
Wed 8th Aug Joanna Harries (mezzo) Sat 11th Aug Katarzyna Kowalik (harpsichord)
Wed 15th Aug Rosie Bowker (flute) Sat 18th Aug Katarzyna Kowalik (harpsichord)
Wed 22nd Aug Flavia Hirte (flute) Sat 25th Aug TBC
Wed 29th Aug Joanna Harries (mezzo)

This project is generously supported by Sir Siegmund Warburg’s Voluntary Settlement.