Enthusiasm level: high.
Progress: Two confident strides forward.
Quote: “Set up the time lapse cameras.”

The team celebrates after the much anticipated 'Kick Off' meeting

The team celebrates after the much anticipated ‘Kick Off’ meeting

So after two years of pre-amble and developing a project to allow the flat that Jimi Hendrix lived in during the 1960s to be opened to the public we have finally started. During this “development phase,” my learning curve of construction lingo and acronyms, the labyrinthine world of planning laws and Hendrix riffs has been steep. But there are still new terms to adopt. My favourite today was the “Kick Off” meeting. I thought this was a friendly term the project manager had coined particularly for me as something she knew I would understand. I was wrong. Apparently all building projects start with such a named meeting, indeed my brother (who is in the building business) even asked me when the “Kick Off” meeting was. So clearly it is a standard term and nothing to do with a football match. This much anticipated meeting was a chance for all the main disciplines currently working on the project to meet, agree to key deadlines and generally get to know each other. Over anticipating a meeting is always a slight mistake as they usually never live up to expectations however this one came close. We still wait with baited breath for a report about the foundations of the building which I had hoped would be presented. Once we have it we will have a much better idea about the order in which we will undertake the building work and also whether we will need to use all our contingency! But it will be something to look forward to next month. Nonetheless the meeting was such a success that we all went for a jolly drink afterwards, see the picture. Although one member of the group wryly suggested that the photo be taken whilst we are still all speaking to each other…