Enthusiasm level: Positive
Progress: Thrashing out the detail
Quote: “We are all in this together!”

Jimi's bedroom - photo 1

Jimi’s bedroom – photo 1

I confess to being a little cheeky this week as I have inveigled the staff team at Handel House to take on a couple of responsibilities for the project that I am simply not skilled enough to do myself. Firstly the Front of House and Volunteer Manager also known as “Fiona the photographer” has agreed to take a photograph of Jimi’s bedroom at 12pm every Friday to record progress. We should eventually have an album of photos that illustrates the changes. We could turn it into one of those flick books you thumb through that shows what appears to be an animated stick man – how is that for a gift shop thought!

I have also challenged the Deputy Director, Martin to begin the process of realising the temporary office move, including relocating 8 computers, before we reach our final resting place in a new mansard extension at the very top of Handel’s house.  A temporary move in a listed building is not as simple as it might at first appear and as you can see from the photograph we are not an overly tidy crew. Martin has gathered a quorum of knowledgeable folk and first reports are that after a lot of head scratching we can do this. Go geek squad!

Finally fundraiser, Elizabeth, probably drew the short straw this week by having to proof a funding application I had written. Not the most engaging activity and there are a lot more interesting things to read, however, if we are to raise enough funds for the expansion of the building and the Hendrix exhibition it is very important, and I greatly value that second set of eyes. As you may have noticed proof reading is not my favourite task but certainly a neccesary won …