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Handel House Museum's first logo

Handel House Museum’s first logo

Whilst Sarah is away, she asked if I could step in to write a few posts so this will be my last entry until she invites me back!

I have a buzz word which I keep referring to at the moment which is ‘branding’. Not threatening to wield a branding iron round the office, but more about our visual identity and how we present ourselves as an organisation. With the addition of the Hendrix ‘flat’ we need to decide how we present ourselves: two separate museums or one space that houses two amazing musicians? It is a decision we aren’t taking lightly and one which will impact our organisation for years to come.

Luckily it’s not down to me to make this important decision. A subcommittee was formed to ensure all eventualities were considered and our main task has been to appoint a company that will realise our new brand. The tender process has been really fun so far as we have had to spend a lot of time looking at portfolios – I’m a magpie for shiny things and good design – which has been a break from the endless paperwork Sarah deals with on a daily basis (see post 20). We have all been impressed with the quality of all applications and I know that whoever we decide to work with will be able to deliver exactly what we want!