As Sarah promised, a guest editor entry from the Exhibition Designer. I’m new to wordpress and blogging in general, so please bear with me – hopefully my contribution will be as interesting and entertaining as both Sarah’s and Ella’s so far. As Sarah has mentioned previously, we are keeping our eyes peeled in vintage shops and on sites like ebay for all the ephemera that might well end up contributing to re-creating the Hendrix Flat. One such visit to a purveyor of all things vintage yielded more than expected!

When sourcing Victorian trinkets for another job I got talking to the proprietor about trying to find 60’s period ornaments, ashtrays, lighting etc. Being a canny business man, he asked about the specific project in the hope to help as much as possible with sourcing. When I mentioned Jimi Hendrix, his eyes lit up! He proceeded to produce the waistcoat pictured! He then informed me that apparently Jimi Hendrix had once tried in on!

The story goes that Hendrix was trying on a number of garments at Mr. Fish (formerly of 17 Clifford St, Mayfair). Surrounded by options, he chose a different waistcoat and the one pictured was returned to the rail. Whereupon it was immediately bought and hung with a label saying ‘Tried On By Jimi Hendrix’. I’m sure it has passed through many hands since then, and has finally found it’s way to a vintage shop in the Cotswold town of Stroud.

Whether or not the story is true, it is a beautiful thing – not to mention an original Mr Fish! I like to think that Hendrix did try it on and that there is a little magic still within the fibres.

By the way – if you are interested contact David at and make him an offer!