Enthusiasm level: Steady research
Progress: Chocolate covered fingers typing
Quote: …sorry no talking, just reading…

The every growing reasearch and background reading list.

The every growing reasearch and background reading list.

So the grass is certainly not growing underneath Christian and Sheila’s feet. They have been researching, planning and thinking already. A couple of interviews now in the bag and further conversations planned, as well as the general appeal for information via the International Association for the Study of Popular Music. Depending on the response they get to this they are also thinking about an even more public appeal to appear in one of the relevant music magazines. I would love this and it would be fabulous to collect and share as many Hendrix stories and memories as possible.

Sheila lived in the West End in the Sixties so has a really good sense of the vibe then and both her and Christian are cool cats and enormously enthusiastic about the project, which is vital. Most amusing piece of new (to me) information that they have discovered so far is that Hendrix liked Quality Street – entirely appropriate following this chocolately fest. I assume, like the rest of the world, he was left with all the coffee creams at the end of the tin though.

Finally you have to check out this wonderful blog with showing some fabulous Sixties photographs. These photos are amazing but it is also one of my most favourite blogs too – totally and utterly distracting.