CDs © Mike

CDs © Mike

My colleague Ella sent me this interesting link the other day about Led Zeppelin who are about to unveil two previously unreleased albums of music. Apparently Jimmy Page has said he doesn’t want someone else to do it after he dies.

It started me thinking about what Hendrix would have thought of that and, more saliently for us, what he would have thought of our little museum re-creating the room where he lived. For that matter would Handel have minded his whole house being over run with interested visitors?

Having mulled this over for a few days I have formed the opinion that on balance they would have enjoyed the fact that through their erstwhile living quarters their music was continuing to be introduced and enjoyed by more people. Both of them were showman and loved being in the limelight moreover I imagine they were keen to share their music. I am sure they valued private time but I don’t get the impression that they would have minded visitors popping around, indeed I think people frequently did.

Finally complaints of blog formatting have reached me, apparently you want to get right down into it and don’t particularly care whether I am enthused or not. So I have relocated my sound bites to the end of the blog and at least you can more easily avoid my trite-ness if necessary!

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