Hendrix as spotted in South Molton Street

Hendrix as spotted in South Molton Street this week

I know I carry Handel and Hendrix around with me all the time now and so it is amazing to feel that at this particular moment in time they seem to be everywhere I turn – television programmes, magazines and newspapers. Their stars are burning especially brightly at the moment. One place where Hendrix seems to outshine Handel is with regard to images. Probably helped by the fact the camera existed when Jimi lived. It seems I can’t walk anywhere without coming across an image of Jimi and yesterday was no exception. This time I was much closer to home (well Jimi’s home) as I was walking past a gallery on South Molton Street, a road that Jimi no doubt often trod – when who should I spot but our friend.

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Quote: “I must say Mr Handel and Mr Hendrix really are top of the pops.”