Another Hendrix image randomly spotted in the street.

Go here and listen on 18 May

Apologies a delayed post this week due to lots of busy-ness as I transported myself across the centuries. Breakfast at the First Georgians exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery, coffee fuelled project meeting, hilarious lunch with a wonderful Handel donor, riveting tea with the author of one of the definitive Hendrix biographies and too much walking in the rain. Well I have to attempt to burn off all those calories somehow.

I have come across no-end of interesting facts and snippets of stories mostly relating to Jimi. I will share them all with you in due course but this one first as you have to get tickets. It relates to an earlier blog (Post 26) about the Rockarchive exhibition in Bishopsgate. There is going to be what looks like a super-cool event held there on Sunday 18 May. It starts with the photographer Ray Stevenson talking about photographing Jimi and then everyone kicks back and listens to the Electric Ladyland album in its entirety. Perhaps it might be the type of event we will be able to have here one day…check it out

By way of a little explanation about the quote, someone in the project team was buying a coffee in a cafe, fell into conversation with the barista and so it transpired…

Enthusiasm level: Tip top
Progress: Getting more real
Quote: “My Dad took acid with Hendrix.”