Four cultural institutions adverstising on Bond Street tube will Hendrix's flat be there one day?

Four cultural institutions adverstising on Bond Street tube will Hendrix’s flat be there one day?

It really was only a matter of time before I said it and started discussing that seminal musician “Handrix.” Of course I used the word accidentally in front of someone who really didn’t want to be talking about Hendrix at all and indeed was questioning why we were doing this as an organsiation. I was a bit defensive which may have been why my use of the English language as we know it failed me. I was further agitated when he suggested that Hendrix flame will not last. However relief was close at hand in a subsequent meeting with the reassuring, warm and sensible Harry Shapiro. As a Hendrix biographer and all round music fan Harry knows his stuff. In recounting this conversation to him he told me that the flame will never die.

One important thing that in some ways helps the flame is the fact that Hendrix never got old, which has made him timeless. However his untimely death does mean that it has not been worth Pete Frame creating Jimi his own Rock Tree. A Rock Tree is an intricate picture that shows a family tree detailing all the band connections between musicians. It seems that the artist Pete Frame has created a number of these for a wide range of rock musicians. I recently came across them when browsing through a Culture & Heritage Guide booklet from the City of London. I was intrigued to see advertised a free exhibition to be mounted at the Barbican Music Library entitled Rock Family Trees: Part 2. Whilst of course Hendrix does not feature I am sure it will provide good context for a novice like me.

Enthusiasm level: Increasing
Progress: Research
Quote: “Many people who listen to Hendrix avidly now weren’t even born when played.”