This week has started extremely well with the arrival of a large gift from a grant giving foundation for the Hendrix project. Many of the generous philanthropic foundations have long histories and have been giving money away for decades. Understandably foundations can be rather idiosyncratic in their approach to giving, largely because they are based on the founder’s wishes and interests. Not all would be able to consider supporting a project like this and so competition for funds that can consider cultural projects is fierce.

It is fabulous getting the gift from a financial point of view, but it is also re-assuring that highly regarded, sensible and experienced boards feel that what we are doing is important and valuable. It encourages others to give, builds momentum and moreover is heartening that a growing group of people believe that reaching out to interest the wider general public in Handel and Hendrix is brilliant, exciting and necessary.



Enthusiasm level: Buzzy
Progress: A rising thermometer
Quote: “We wish you every success.”