Asako Ogawa playing in Handel's Rehearsal and Performance Room

Asako Ogawa playing in Handel’s Rehearsal and Performance Room

Given the phenomenal weather at the moment our lovely Georgian terrace is feeling sultry this week but that doesn’t stop us! Yesterday was a case in point. My first meeting started at 10.30am and the meetings continued straight through the day without even so much as an ice-cream break. There were a few egg sandwiches to accompany one of the meetings but that hardly counts. Fortunately the meetings themselves were interesting, useful and, of course, all connected in one way or another to Mr Hendrix.

I had interviews with potential building contractors for the project, a board meeting, a tour and talk with our lawyers about the building contract and a presentation about our new branding from our designers. But the highlight of the day was in the evening at the Volunteer Summer Party. Every summer (and Christmas) we hold a party for our wonderful volunteers who work so hard throughout the year welcoming visitors, showing them around, telling them stories, selling them tickets or merchandise and generally being very helpful. They work so hard simply for the love of Handel and this museum, it is wonderful and we enjoy saying thank you. We look forward to enlarging the group to incorporate Hendrix volunteers too.

Last night, to end the party, Asako Ogawa a harpsichordist, performed a short recital for the volunteers. So after the day of meetings I was able to return to the music and slightly self indulgently immerse myself in waves of sound. I particularly enjoyed her introduction to the encore “Rock’n’Roll for the harpsichord.” And it was – check it out if you have a chance – an 18th century French harpsichord composer called Royer and the piece was La Marche Des Scythes. A whirlwind way to end a whirlwind day!

Enthusiasm level:  Fever pitch
Progress: Strides
Quote: “It is all about the music.”