Our wide selection of teas

I have just learnt another new phrase which rather like the kick off meeting in Post 1 seems to be a standard building project term. The pre-start meeting, don’t be confused by two words which on the face appear to mean the same thing, was epic. The meeting which included all relevant parties and the selected building contractor had 15 people present and over 50 agenda items – I guess it was always going to be lengthy. You know when a meeting stops for a comfort break you are there for the long haul.

Despite the optimistic atmosphere in Hendrix’s bedroom, where we held the meeting, and the wonderfully accommodating builders and their great can-do attitude we have already hit our first stumbling block. We are held up in a little bit of legal red tape whilst people (mainly lawyers) review relevant documents. I had hoped that the builders would start on site next Monday but that simply isn’t going to be possible. So we have temporarily packed away the builder’s tea and reverted to the Earl Grey for another week or two.

Enthusiasm: Beside myself with anticipation
Progress: Start and temporary stop
Quote: “Oh yes I think we will need biscuits for the Pre-Start meeting?”