Our erstwhile office and Jimi's bedroom. Whilst it is a useful meeting space I would much prefer it to be shrouded in builder's paraphernalia.

Our erstwhile office and Jimi’s bedroom. Whilst it is a useful meeting space I would much prefer it to be shrouded in builder’s paraphernalia.

So things are moving incredibly slowly and I am feeling particularly frustrated and infuriated about progress at the moment – as the 5 co-workers currently sharing our cramped temporary office space will attest!

We are all ready here at Brook Street; office relocated, site manager all clued up and temporary routes planned and tested but none of this can be put into action yet. Agreements we thought had been agreed are being changed, discussions we thought has been finalised are being re-arranged and the legal input is beyond what I could have ever imagined. However in my heart of hearts I do know that all involved are trying their hardest to get us to the illusive starter’s gun.

On the bright side we have had a wonderful day long workshop in the flat with the exhibition designers, Outside Studios and author of the flat guide book, Christian Lloyd. In addition to the recreated room some fabulous ideas have been generated and thrown around for the exhibition rooms, these range from a wall of record sleeves, a photographic slide display, a snaking trail of promotional fliers and a sound track of noises. Which of these make the final cut is to be decided but it was inspiring to get a sense of the look and feel of the space within the space itself.

Enthusiasm level: Annoyed
Progress: slow
Quote: “If it is any consolation, it is exactly the same when we undertake development”