Hear Hendrix twice (or indeed 4 times) here.

Did you hear Hendrix twice (or indeed 4 times) here?

This week I met the two archivists from the Royal Albert Hall and I think they probably have the best jobs available in the archiving world at the moment. They are implementing an amazing 5 year plan which amongst other goals intends to document every event and concert in the Hall’s 143 year history. Quite literally an awesome undertaking. It was almost impossible not to get sidetracked with them; Bond movies, Black Sabbath concerts, tennis, the Queen and folk music all featured in our discussion. I can’t imagine how they manage to remain focused but they do and very kindly sent me this link after our meeting.


Inspired by the conversation I have been listening to the audio of the 18 February 1969 gig at the Hall have been digging around for more images and details of the slightly bizarre back story of the never released filming of the performance. I loved the audio and think it sounds great even though it is clear that he was frustrated by the tuning issues. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest – perhaps too many years of going to Baroque period instrument concerts prepares you for tuning distractions. In fact the thing I pick up most from the audio is Jimi’s overall intelligence and conscientiousness about getting it right.

Enthusiasm level: cautiously optimistic
Progress: clarity
Quote: “…recorded in 1778 at Benjamin Franklin’s studios, Redhouse”