What did these walls hear?

What did these walls hear?

Activities have been creative and varied this week, our Composer-in-Residence Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian continued her series of concerts which included some brilliant Hendrix inspired sets. One of the concerts was an all acoustic set with guitar, double bass, harp and voice(s) not quite the standard power trio, but absolutely brilliant in a completely new way. Without wishing to tempt fate I am definitely booking them for the opening party!


Another Cevanne related connection this week was with an artist she introduced to me called Maya Ramsay. Maya visited the disappointingly deserted Hendrix bedroom to do a pencil rubbing of the wall. Now, although similar, it is not the same wood-chip wallpaper that was on the walls when Jimi lived here but clearly the walls themselves must have been party to some lively times, so Maya was still keen to see what inspiration she found for a work of art. I look forward to seeing the results and it is good to be able to celebrate something positive coming out of our construction delays.


Enthusiasm level: Inspiring
Progress: Finding solace in art
Quote: “This is really a one step forward, two back situation.”