Hendrix's face hiding the ever expanding London sky line.

Hendrix’s face hiding the ever expanding London sky line.

In an effort to avoid Oxford Street’s seasonal madness I took a detour down Mortimer Street having been tipped off by a neighbour about a Hendrix hoarding. This is the second time I have seen Jimi on temporary hoardings (see post 19) and it caused me to reflect on why his face was chosen for such a job. I am sure it must appear on more permanent mural or public works of art in London but none sprang to mind. According to the lovely Christian, who is writing our companion guide, he knows of two murals in Brighton and I was convinced Hendrix must appear on the mural on the corner of Carnaby Street and Berwick Street. Having spent a good deal of time staring at it – before realising there was a key – it seems he didn’t make the cut. Perhaps you dear reader can save me a bit of legwork and let me know if Jimi’s face permanently appears in London today?

Public commemorations of Hendrix put me in mind of something Ella spotted on a recent blog from the British Museum. In one of their galleries there is a display about money including reference to modern local currently.  Apparently in a few locations across the country it is possible to use local currency in a specific area’s shops and restaurants in an attempt to support small, independent businesses and in Brixton they have Bowie on a banknote. Perhaps one day we will have our own Brook Street bread featuring both Handel and Hendrix.


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