Why didn't Father Christmas pop this book in my stocking as well?

Why didn’t Father Christmas pop this book in my stocking as well?

So we are in that no mans land of time after Christmas but before the new year. The papers are full of lists of the best, the worst and indifferent moments of 2014. I have even spotted the 100 best blogs of 2014. Needless to say mine hasn’t quite made it into that article yet but I also read it can take years to build blogs up. Does everyone realise I only have one more year left (hopefully) to make that particular list.

Christmas was jolly although of course the highlight was the team Christmas lunch in Jimi’s bedroom – have I mentioned that already? I also have some present envy as one of my colleague’s was given a great book for Christmas called Jimi Hendrix, Starting at Zero. It is a compilation of quotes from interviews he gave arranged in chronological order of event he spoke about. I haven’t read it yet but it seems a very simple and noncommercial portrait of Jimi in his own words, without anyone’s interpretation forced over it. Of course I assume some kind of selection process had to be made of the quotes used but nonetheless it appears to be a really charming book and I can’t wait to read it.

Enthusiasm level: Seriously apprehensive
Progress: Communication, communication, communication
Quote: “The lull before the storm – a good storm I hope.”