Britain Rocks!

Whilst builders build, lawyers review and neighbours are nervous I am required to provide a lot of re-assurance all around so I was pleased, and I confess somewhat relieved, to be invited to attend a very interesting conference which reminded me why we have taken on this challenge. Britain Rocks! is a consortium of businesses, charities, venues, art galleries, tourism groups and others with a passion for Britain’s rock heritage. Members include the Cavern Club, the pub in Muswell Hill where the Kinks met (and performed), Tyne Idols a company that celebrates musical talent of the North East and the Coventry Music Museum amongst 40 or so others.

The consortium are trying to pool their resources to get rock heritage more highly valued. Even simple things such getting reasonable insurance on a bus that does rock tours is a challenge but of course if they were going to stately homes there would be no issue. The tourism generated by Britain’s rock stories is immense and so they want to have a voice as a lobbying group as well. There are lots of ideas and thoughts about how to do this but to start with there is an immediate challenge: Denmark Street. One member of the group David Stark gave a interesting presentation about the efforts to save Denmark Street, the most important rock music street in London if not the world. It is under threat from developers indeed some of it has already been pulled down. Read more and sign the petition here:

David’s rock credentials are impressive, musician, editor of Songlink, and active member of the Heritage Foundation which amongst other things was instrumental in getting a blue plaque for Brian Epstein. Of course I was particularly excited when he spoke to me afterwards to tell me about hearing Hendrix play 6 times including at the Royal Albert Hall.  But everyone there was  so welcoming, really helpful and inclusive, particularly Bruce Cherry who runs the group and London Rock Tours. I look forward to working with them all in the future. Follow them on twitter @Britainrocks

Enthusiasm level: Anxious
Progress: 3 ceilings removed
Quote: “It doesn’t matter whether it is true it is rock n’ roll!”