The brilliant Sian Thomas as singer Bordoni in Handel's front room. Image by Robert Workman

The brilliant Sian Thomas as soprano Bordoni in Handel’s front room. Image by Robert Workman

Unusually this week I stepped back into my old job – running a museum about Handel, rather than the current one of building a museum about Hendrix. But given it was Handel’s 330th birthday at the beginning of the week it was the least I could do. In addition to birthday celebrations this week we have a wonderful play running twice nightly which presents an imagined meeting between two of Handel’s most famous sopranos Faustina Bordoni and Francesca Cuzzoni set (and indeed performed) in Handel’s own front parlour. It is quite magical. See a review here:

All told our little terrace house has been rather hectic, quite literally working hard on all fronts accommodating revellers, builders, actors and cake. But don’t worry patient Hendrix follower I am keeping it real and Christian Lloyd kindly bought this news to my attention:


Enthusiasm level: Bipartisan
Progress: More joists
Quote: “Oh darling you are so precious.”