Houseproud and happy - all keen to keep to kleen!

All keen to keep it kleen!

Excitement all around as the builders have handed over the first completed new area of the museum. The tea room has opened! Like tooth fairies, site manager Simon and his team magically moved all the furniture from the old to the new space early in the morning and after a little re-arrangement, sorting, binning and dusting we were ready to go. There are a few improvements we need to make including a coat stand, tea towel hook, book shelf and noticeboards, but these will come shortly and overall we are thrilled.

The location really is brilliant and means 30 less steps to climb when only a caffeine hit will do. In addition we have all become particularly house proud. Every time I walk into the room, I have a good wipe down of the sink, whether it needs it or not. No doubt this domestic enthusiasm will calm down eventually this is only day 1. Meanwhile the builders have already commandeered the vacated room as their mess room. So it seems that I will no longer be up to speed with stories of Chelsea’s successes. My Arsenal supporting husband might think that is no bad thing.

At the more serious end work is progressing well, insulation is going into the Learning Studio floor, room reconstruction items are being acquired and a first draft of part of the exhibition text has been written. More anon.

Enthusiasm level: Abundant
Progress: Tearoom – check
Quote: “I am going to dye my blood blue.”