Enthusiasm level: Still excited
Progress: Onward
Quote: “Hendrix is heritage”

MoneyConsidering that the financial aspect of this project is significant and something that I seem to talk about on a daily basis I find it surprising that having re-read these posts I haven’t mentioned it yet. Clearly the vital element of the funding picture so far has been the Heritage Lottery Fund’s major support. Their £1.2million grant has been fundamental in getting this project going and we seriously couldn’t do this without them. Thank you HLF. We are matching their gift and as well as some other generous individuals and trusts, we have been carefully saving over the last 7 years and can put some of these reserves towards the project too but we need further contributions. So I am spending a lot of time talking to potential funders. This in and of itself is a fascinating process not least to see what they see as the key issues and challenges and the variety is surprising. Some struggle with talking about Handel and Hendrix in the same meeting, some struggle with the idea that surely such a huge rock icon must have been enormously wealthy and therefore we should have pots of money (if only) and some simply don’t understand what we are trying to achieve. I am pretty clear in my mind about the importance of the project so usually have answers to most questions. However I was flumoxed the other day when someone seriously asked me why Hendrix was heritage. The answer is so obvious I couldn’t really believe the question was serious. Having picked my chin off the floor I then retorted that Hendrix IS heritage, rock heritage. Suffice to say I suspect that funding won’t be forthcoming from that direction. But I have taken two lessons from the experience, firstly even obvious things aren’t always obvious and secondly develop a better poker face.