My colleague's Martin's photo of shop window he passes on his way to work of Coke Crates / Greats.

My colleague’s Martin’s photo of shop window he passed on his way to work of Coke Crates / Greats.

Extensive Hendrix factoid phase moment today as he seems to be reaching more corners of my in box than ever. Highlights include the news about the Isle of Wight festival which is marking 45 years since he performed there, the Pepsi/Hendrix advert which somehow hadn’t crossed my path before and in the interests of fairness Coca-Cola crates in a Mayfair shop window. Also following up Christian’s post 95 about Jimi’s Marrakesh connections apparently you can enjoy a holiday in the “ginger bread” house Hendrix used in Hawaii.

So perhaps this is a good moment to put out an appeal for help for some slightly more specific information about Hendrix here in London. We are eager to find images of key places that Hendrix frequented specifically during the Brook Street period in 1969. Hendrix absolutely doesn’t need to be in the picture (indeed shouldn’t be) but if you have any images of 1960s hip and happening London we would love to see them. Of course if we used them in the exhibition we would give fulsome credit. Particular places of interest include any view of Brook Street itself, Mr Love’s cafe at 23 Brook Street, the Speakeasy, Ronnie Scotts, The Scotch of St James, One Stop Record shop on South Molton Street and John Lewis on Oxford Street.

I am sure some of you wonderful cool cats must have some atmospheric photographs squirreled away in the attic. Do let me know.

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