With its rich musical heritage, London is full of Rock & Roll landmarks. With that in mind, we have chosen five of the best rock tours that London has to offer. Each of these tours have a variety of routes and can be tailored to your musical tastes. Whether you want to rediscover the legends of rock & roll in a black cab, a 60s Routemaster bus or by foot is up to you.

1. London Rock Tours

London’s original rock tour company, London Rock Tours run mini-bus tours every day with a variety of different options. You can pick a tour that focuses on your favourite artist (like Hendrix, the Stones, Beatles or Pink Floyd) or go on their Classic Rock Legends Tour. These tours take in everything from recording studios and venues to classic album cover locations and secret rehearsal spots.

You will be accompanied by a live specialist rock guide, and you’ll learn about the London history of bands from the Animals to the Zombies – and every letter of the alphabet in-between! As they say “this is a city of monumental rock landmarks where hardly a street is without a rock back-story!”


2. Rock Cab Tours

 Jump in an iconic London black cab with music industry veteran Stephen Channel to visit some of the most famous rock landmarks in music history.

The tour takes in stops at Marc Bolan’s shrine, Freddie Mercury’s house, Jimmy Page’s home, Abbey Road Studios, and the site of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust cover. Being a London cabbie means Stephen has in-depth knowledge of places in London that your average tour guide wouldn’t know about.


3. Swinging 60s London Bus Tours

Described as “the most immersive and compelling music experience to rock the streets of London”, this tour takes place on board a vintage red Routemaster bus.

You can choose between their Swinging 60’s Experience or Beatles & Stones in West London tour either way you’ll be transported back to one of the most defining decades of the 20th century.


4. London’s Rock & Roll Legends Tour

This walking tour will guide you around Soho’s iconic locations and hidden gems. During the 3-hour tour, you will get the chance to check out the pubs, clubs, coffee bars and hang-outs of your favourite London rock and roll legends.

Visit the ‘Birthplace of Punk’, the nightclub where Hendrix played and Paul McCartney met Linda, and a place where Bob Dylan shot one of his most iconic films.

5. Guided Tours of the Hendrix Flat

Hendrix Flat Friday Late

Our very own guided tours of the Hendrix Flat – Jimi Hendrix’s only recognized home in the world. The tour starts outside the entrance to 23 Brook Street, in front of the house that once sheltered the greatest guitarist of all time. You will hear all about the neighbourhood Jimi loved so much, from the clubs he frequented to the spots where he picked out his clothes.

You get the chance to walk in Jimi’s steps, going through his front door and up his original staircase. Your tour guide will paint the picture of Hendrix at home through the stories of the time he spent here – from the late-night jam sessions to the everyday life with his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham.