Hello everyone
Now we’ve stepped into the new year, I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to my concert season last year. 
I’ll avoid an Oscar-type blub, but I’m touched that there are still such different ways that art is created, by so many.

Please accept this cat as a token of thanks, and know that I had a lot of help from my mum (who had help from her mum).

It’s rare when museums not only conserve artefacts, but celebrate innovative live art – so thank you to the volunteers, sponsors and staff.

I collaborated with many artists for the first time, and was lucky to be introduced to them by either the LSO, Resonance FM, or Serious Take Five (with the exception of my sister, who was introduced to me by the NHS).

Lastly but not ghastly, the thing which filled me with hope and happiness during the series was the truly diverse audiences, and the inspiring world-premières by some of the best composers I know.

If you found this post too sickly sweet, stick with my blog anyway, I get more bitter as the year wears on 😉

Meanwhile, my gratitude to :

Sarah Bardwell 
Richard Bullen
Manu Delago
Satoko Doi Luck
Ellie Fagg
Antonia Grant 
Nina Horrocks-Hopayian
Hugh Jones
Fiona Livingstone
Elo Masing
Chris Montague
Tom Norris
Martel Ollerenshaw 
Charlotte Pyke
Gregor Riddell
Ella Roberts
Rob Sczymanek 
Trudi Stevens
Lydia White
Kate Whitlock
Martin Wyatt
Raymond Yiu
Mum & Dad