The Hallelujah Project is an ambitious construction project that will fully restore the London home of the great composer G.F. Handel and present new stories about rock legend Jimi Hendrix, who lived in an adjoining flat in the 1960s.   

We are on track to re-open in May 2023, but we need your help to raise  our £3million target to fund these important works. 

When complete, the entirety of Handel’s home will be open to the public and presented as he might have known it, and the museum will have increased capacity for exhibitions, high quality live music and education. 

Key steps we will take in this ‘Hallelujah Project’ include:  

  • Restoring the front façade of the ground floor to its Georgian original 
  • Re-creating Handel’s kitchen and restoring his ground floor parlours
  • Restoring Handel’s front door as the entrance for all visitors and improving accessibility across the house 
  • Creating new exhibitions about Jimi Hendrix’s music, Handel’s music and the musicians he worked with, and a display about London in the 18th century and 1960s 

By completing this work, Handel & Hendrix in London will offer a more enriching and inspiring experience for many more visitors, and we will engage more people with the capital’s incredible musical legacy through learning programmes and events.  In addition, we will present Baroque and rock music events throughout the year in the evocative setting of Handel and Hendrix’s homes. 

This work is being carried out by The Handel House Trust, a registered charity.  We generate all our own funds and rely on the support of our generous donors and volunteers. Current Hallelujah Project supporters include the Garfield Weston Foundation, the Foyle Foundation, the Band Trust, the Drapers’ Company and a number of individual donors. 

The music of G.F. Handel and Jimi Hendrix lives on in performances worldwide.  Their houses in Brook Street, however, are a unique testament to their lives in the capital – that they chose to make London their home and shaped the cultural landscape of their times.  The Hallelujah Project will enhance and preserve this legacy. 

Please make a donation in support of our appeal by making a donation online, or contact us for further information at [email protected]