One of the things we’re looking forward to most when we get to reopen is being able to host our next Hendrix Friday Late here at 23 Brook Street. If you’ve ever been to one of our Lates you’ll know that they’re nights filled with music, dancing and good vibes, all in the spirit of Jimi.

To tide us over until we get to host our next Hendrix “house party”, we asked DJs Ella Stormark & Alex Aspin, who played an incredible vinyl-only set at our last Friday Late, to put together a couple of hours of 60s and 70s rock & psychedelia for our next playlist. Hopefully it gives you a little taste of what our Lates at the Hendrix Flat are like. See you at the next one (and don’t be late).

Listen to Ella & Alex’s full playlist here and find out more about their selections below.

Les Goths – Out of The Sun

Up first is the heavy psychedelic monster ‘Out Of The Sun’ by French 3 piece Les Goths. This is their first 7” released in 1968, however they would only make one more single the next year before disappearing completely. Hard to get hold of now but worth every penny, a favourite of mine!

Jimi Hendrix – Ezy Rider

This one’s pretty self explanatory, can’t have a party at Jimi’s without Jimi jammin! Named after the 1969 film with the same title, ‘Ezy Rider’ is a straight up boogie beat, perfect for parties!

Rupert’s People – Dream On My Mind

A firm staple on the dancefloor, ‘Dream On My Mind’ (the title it was released with, however later compiled as ‘Dream In My Mind’) by British psychedelic group Rupert’s People. Another band that unfortunately didn’t record an album and faded without a trace, but this single from 1967 is a masterclass in first wave British psychedelia.

Janis Joplin – Move Over

‘Move Over’, one of Janis Joplin’s finest! Possibly the songbird of Jimi’s generation, and apparently also a former lover of his; a short tale of which is told in Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

Jenny Rock – Mal

French-Canadian singer Jenny Rock’s cover of the 1967 Billy Joe Royal hit ‘Hush’ (of course most famously covered by Deep Purple!). Released in Canada as ‘Mal’ in 1969, this psychedelic French-language version is definitely my top pick and a regular DJ request.

Titanic – Love is Love

Titanic, from Norway, this is ‘Love is Love’! This song is a perfect example of the swinging 60s meeting the heavier 70s – that you can dance to.

Célio Balona – Tema De Batman

And now for something completely different! ‘Tema De Batman’ (or ‘Batman Theme’) by Célio Balona, a really obscure record that took me a while to get hold of. This guy recorded a few different bossa nova/samba style records in his native Brazil, but only one 7” single, this fuzzed out experimental oddity released in 1968. I’ll let you make your own minds up – I love it!

The Doors – L.A. Woman

The Doors’ L.A. Woman from their 1971 album of the same name is an absolute killer on the dancefloor, the crowd normally going nuts by the time the Lizard King gets to “Mr Mojo rising”. Eight minutes of killer, no filler!

Dr John – Right Place Wrong Time

No explanation needed for good ol’ Dr. John. We can always do with some more feel good, New Orleans, voodoo-infused funky blues.

The Dave Pike Set – Mathar

And now to end with one of the most uplifting tracks ever put to wax, a feel-good favourite for these depressing times, ‘Mathar’ by German jazz quartet The Dave Pike Set. Guaranteed to pack the dancefloor, this probably gets spun every time I’m on the decks! Released in 1969 to little acclaim, this German jazz fusion 7” has become a real rarity, but now rightly regarded a classic.