Jimi Hendrix - Suddenly November Morning (1970)

The history behind the Black Gold tapes, from which this track was founds, is fascinating. The tapes contained the most personal Jimi Hendrix home recordings, featuring only him and his acoustic guitar. Hendrix gave the tapes to Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell for some feedback on rhythms. Sadly, Hendrix died suddenly not long after and the tapes were left forgotten at Mitchell’s home for twenty-two years. A lot of rumours circled around the tapes, and especially around the reasons why they were not being released; one of those rumours was even that they were stolen from Mitchell’s home. To this day this track is the only one that has been released from the sixteen recorded in 1970 but it is still an amazing glimpse what Hendrix would have sounded like while songwriting at home with his acoustic guitar and a tape recorder.