Jimi Hendrix - Doriella Du Fontaine (1969)

One of the obscurest of Hendrix recordings, this track was recorded in November 1969 at the Record Plant in New York. It features Jalal Mansur Nuriddin AKA Lightnin’ Rod of the legendary spoken word group The Last Poets, with Hendrix accompanying on guitar and Buddy Miles on drums. As producer Alan Douglas recalled “Jalal from The Last Poets was in my office just hanging out. We walked down to the Recored Plant and Buddy Miles was there waiting for Hendrix. I said to Jalal, “Why don’t you do one of your poems for Buddy?’ During the middle of it, Jimi arrived and got all excited about what was happening. When they finished, I went out into the studio and told Jalal to do Doriella Du Fontaine. We did one take, 13 minutes straight. When it was over, everybody was amazed that it came off non-stop.”